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Dr. Lanre Olusola

The Catalyst (Lanre Olusola) has created, mastered, and deployed Integrative and Transformative Catalysis (ITC); providing individuals, organizations, families, couples, and groups of different sizes the platform to transition from where they are to where they desire and deserve to be. He is renowned for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria and creating the first wholly integrative coaching academy in West Africa. He is recognized for his unparalleled expertise in Integrative Coaching and Transformational Catalysis, his extensive array of Publishing, Writing, Provocative Interviews, Keynote Speaking, and his Transformational work with government and diverse industry leaders and executives, individuals, and world-class organizations across the globe. He has distinguished himself and revolutionized the coaching industry in Africa, and contributed to the socio‑economic development of Africa and the world at large. He was named Coach of the Year at the 2022 Africa Coaching and Consulting Award (ACCA) for having achieved all-round excellence in Awards.

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Catalyst Associate Coaches

A Premium Integrative and Transformative solution created for individuals, couples, organisations, families and groups.

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Emmanuel Emeh

Certified Integrative Life Coach



Dr Laila St. Matthew Daniel

Executive Leadership Trainer



Tolu Afonja

Certified Integrative Life Coach


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Mo Abudu

TV personality and CEO of

Ebony Life Television

So, for me, my experiences with Lanre Olusola are multi-dimensional, but one thing I am certain of is his ability to listen, weigh all the options, use his professional skills as a Life Coach and therapist to calm me down and help me find lasting solutions to the various challenges and dilemmas that I have faced over the years.
Betty Irabor.jpeg

Betty Irabor

Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

Genevieve Magazine

As far as I was concerned I didn't need a coach or lesson teacher because my business was coasting nicely. I didn't even have a need for a paddle because I didn't even need to row. Stagnation was just okay for me until a Catalyst came by! As my personal and professional coach to Genevieve, learning to break free from the captivity of making do with little and thinking big, being in the big league with a brand that has a loyal following due to its newer global look, much improved layout, photography, content (softer features), more defined vision and focus.
TY Bello.jpeg

TY Bello

Musician, Photographer

Over the years, The Catalyst, Lanre olusola has helped me make the picture unfold and it's amazing h0w I've seen the fragments converge into this amazing journey that has become mine as  person, brand, musican, photographer and artist. I can so it all because I have felt it. I gained immense clarity on how ALL these fit together into one, within the context of my purpose. Having Lanre Olusola as my coach is definitely a gift from God.



All COACH-ME programs are designed, fully owned and delivered by COACH-ME,  The Catalyst Integrative Coaches).

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