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THE CATALYST - Dr. Lanre Olusola

Available Online

Transformational Leadership Executive Coach

  • 1 hour

Service Description

The Catalyst (Lanre Olusola) has created, mastered, and deployed Integrative and Transformative Catalysis (ITC); providing individuals, organizations, families, couples, and groups of different sizes the platform to transition from where they are to where they desire and deserve to be. He is renowned for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria and creating the first wholly integrative coaching academy in West Africa. He is recognized for his unparalleled expertise in Integrative Coaching and Transformational Catalysis, his extensive array of Publishing, Writing, Provocative Interviews, Keynote Speaking, and his Transformational work with government and diverse industry leaders and executives, individuals, and world-class organizations across the globe. He has distinguished himself and revolutionized the coaching industry in Africa, and contributed to the socio‑economic development of Africa and the world at large. He was named Coach of the Year at the 2022 Africa Coaching and Consulting Award (ACCA) for having achieved all-round excellence in Awards.

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Lagos, Nigeria

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