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Ronke Adebajo

Available Online

Relationship Coach

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Ronke Adebajo is a mind healing Coach. She is a qualified NLP practitioner and Advanced Coach. A strong believer in the benefit of NLP and Coaching in helping people heal, grow, rewrite negative programs installed from childhood, actualise and become their true self. She is passionate about and believes in the value of NLP and Coaching and its impact on world. She has greatly benefitted from NLP and therapy herself. She is a professional member of the Association of ANLP in the UK, an internationally recognised association. Ronke is currently training to be a certified person centred and integrative counsellor. Her desire to walk in purpose, empathy, love for people, make a difference, constant request for counselling are reasons she has embarked on this journey. Ronke is also the founder and host of StorybeforeGlory, a UK based TV talk show, where guests are invited to share their personal story and life Journey. This show which is also on all social media platforms has been a success with views from all over nations. The show is also aired in 5 African continents with thousands of viewers. The aim of the show is to glorify God, build faith and encourage godly doctrines of peace, love harmony and kingdom principles. Some of these guests have become her mentees and clients. Ronke is a qualified IT consultant and trainer with over 17yrs experience, with experience of working, managing and delivering training in IT, in various capacities in the Leisure, Health Care (NHS & Private) and Retail industries at a highly professional level. Her high-level transformational consultancy is highly recognised with individual clients and organisations she has worked with. She has worked closely with local authority counsellors and directorates to help achieve goals on IT competency. She has a passion for young adults and is on a mission to empower them for kingdom exploits. She achieves this through her mentorship programme called ‘Living from the Inside Out’. This programme has helped young women, realign and desire purposeful living both in the marketplace and in their wellbeing and spiritual journey. Ronke Adebajo is a lover of God.

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Lagos, Nigeria

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