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Idongesit Peters

Certified Life/Advanced Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programme & Emotional Freedom Technique P'tionner

  • 1 h

Service Description

Idongesit Peter, is an innovative and experienced Integrative, Spiritual and Life/Advanced Coach, who combines cutting-edge coaching techniques with the wisdom of spirituality, to bring her clients into a state of wholeness harmony and peace. With a background in coaching, quantum physics, energy psychology, and neuroscience, idongesit offers a unique approach to coaching that enables her clients overcome deep-seated emotional pain and trauma, and develop the skills and strategies to maintain composure even under the most challenging circumstances. Idongesit's coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses the innate knowledge and intuition necessary to achieve their fullest potential. Through personalized coaching sessions, she helps her clients resolve painful past experiences, develop their sense of intuition, connect them to their source and help them harmonize their energy. Idongesit's coaching expertise, has helped countless individuals transform their lives and attain greater levels of fulfilment, happiness, satisfaction, success and peace. She is compassionate and creates a very safe and supportive space for her clients to find expression, explore and grow. If you're ready to become your ideal and best self, become whole, and achieve your fullest potential, idongesit has the expertise to guide you on your; Self Discovery, Awareness, Exploration, Expression and Mastery Journey. Contact her today for your instant and permanent transformation.

Cancellation Policy

Read our disclosure policies here: Cancellation Policy In the event that you are unable to keep an appointment, you must notify COACH-ME 24 hours in advance (unless there is a reasonable emergency). If COACH-ME does not receive such notice, you will be forfeiting your coaching session(s). Forgetting or missing an appointment or call is not an emergency. If you need to reschedule our appointment, use this Client Feedback Form. Refund Policy At COACH-ME, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. However, we understand that there may be times when adjustments need to be made. Once a session has been booked and payment received, we cannot offer refunds. This policy is in place to ensure the commitment of both the coach and the client to the booked session. If you find that the scheduled time no longer works for you, we offer the possibility to reschedule your session. To do so, a request must be made in writing using our Client Feedback Form. We will do our best to accommodate a new timing that suits both the client and the coach. Please note that Bloom Buddy is our booking partner, therefore. all service-related issues must be communicated directly to us at COACH-ME. In case of any complaints regarding our services, please direct them to COACH-ME using this Client Feedback Form. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our refund policy. Our aim is to create a fair and respectful environment for all our clients and coaches. Code of Ethics for Clients and Coaches We adhere to a strict code of ethics which governs our professional conduct. This includes maintaining the highest standards of integrity, respecting confidentiality, and adhering to professional competency standards.

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Lagos, Nigeria

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