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Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL of your HEALTH and WELL-BEING? Join The Catalyst 2023 - 70 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge A Fully Immersive Wellness Program For Your Mind, Body & Soul that covers:

1)Fitness Challenge - Create a new lifestyle

2) Meditation Challenge - Meditate 2x Daily

3) Affirmation challenge - Listen to & declare 1 affirmation daily

4) Visualization - Life Design & Goal Setting 


For 70 days, you'll follow a carefully designed meal plan and exercise program, and you'll also learn how to incorporate MEDITATION and AFFIRMATIONS into your daily routine. Are you ready to experience a POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION? ENJOY more bonuses as you sign up today.


Payment deadline: 7th January

Start Date: 9th January 2023

End Date: March 19th


***This fee does not include the meditation, affirmations and Life Design Masterclass. You are required to pay separately for these programs.***



This program is designed, fully owned and delivered by COACH-ME The Catalyst Integrative Coaches).

The Catalyst's Holistic Wellness Challenge 1.0

SKU: COA/Wel/Dig
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Subscribe to The Wellness Challenge
    • Buy The Catalyst's Meditation Audios
    • Buy The Catalyst's Affirmations
    • Receive a payment confirmation email with access link to your meditation audios
    • Fill commitment form-
    • Join WhatsApp group for daily checkins and notifications
    • Receive an email with the link to your dashboard, which has all the resource materials you will need to successfully complete the challenge
    • 5am group meditation on clubhouse  
    • 10pm individual meditation using the 4hr Long Nonstop Play
    • Listen to and declare affirmations-
    • Be 100% committed to completing this 70day challenge -
    • Sleep 6-8hrs
    • Fast during the designated days for fasting
    • This challenge is available to only subscribers
    • Enjoy greater feelings of peace and contentment.
    • Master and regulate your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
    • Drastically reduce the negative effects of toxins in the body caused by anger and other negative emotions.
    • Be cleansed and healed from disease caused by negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs
    • Attract more abundance into your life.
    • Manifest all forms of success, financial abundance, harmonious relationships, good health, all round happiness etc.
    • Attain your highest self and release your highest potential
    • Attain spiritual enlightenment and be more spiritually empowered
    • Become more empowered, motivated, driven, grounded and focused to complete tasks at a pace that is most aligned to your higher self.
    • Release and maintain the right dose of the 4 happy and healthy hormones (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphines)
    • Accept and love yourself just the way you are and be all you can be
    • Mindfully, with compassion and empathy gift yourself to the world as a blessing
    • Get unstuck and experience true freedom and liberty
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