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Bloom Buddy & Pediatric Partners Hospital are increasing access to Autism screening and Diagnosis

24 January 2023. Bloom Buddy in partnership with the Pediatric Partners Hospital is pleased to announce a joint initiative aimed at boosting increased access to early screenings and intervention for autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Bloom Buddy will provide access to parents with a child showing signs of developmental delays - particularly in communication or social interaction - to seek help for their child by connecting them with the right qualified specialist to provide screening and intervention.

According to Sola Fatoba, CEO and co-founder of Bloom Buddy, “In most parts of the world, there is an absence of social protection such as universal healthcare coverage, compounded by other indicators such as the doctor-patient ratio, poor data collection and record-storing. These, among other factors, create barriers to accessing health care services. The number of individuals diagnosed with autism and other neurodevelopment challenges is on the rise, and the impact on families as well as autism's profound effect on the nation's educational and health care systems points to the need for a better understanding of this condition and real solutions that help address the gap. This is our mission at Bloom Buddy."

Dr Atinuke Uwajeh, M.D. – Fellow of the American Board of Pediatrics and senior consultant pediatrician and co-founder at Pediatric Partners Hospital emphasized the value of early detection in early childhood development stating that, “developmental screening should be an integral part of every child's encounter with a primary care physician. Early detection of even subtle delays allows for early intervention and ensuring that a child attains the appropriate milestone as their peers. Pediatric Partners Hospital is positioned in collaboration with Bloom Buddy to meet this gap because the Nigerian patient is worth it."”

Compounding on the lack of access is the cost of supporting a child with Autism, it is estimated that the societal lifetime cost of supporting a child with Autism is between $1.4 to $2.4 million per child. Many families affected by Autism are uninsured and have to make exorbitant out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures.

Additionally, several multi-faceted challenges widen the current gap between healthcare delivery and practices to deliver evidence-based for interventions targeted at children with Autism and other neurodevelopment challenges. These challenges range from the intervention approach to the method of service delivery, availability of qualified professionals in remote areas, the capabilities of service providers, and not excluding the financial constraints and support for family education.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the use of technology to enhance the optimization of healthcare service delivery to children, particularly in pediatric care. Bloom Buddy and Partners Healthcare are taking up the challenge to provide solutions that leverage the potential of digital healthcare interventions to increase access to quality service, reduce the cost of intervention services for children with Autism and other developmental conditions, and cut wait times for diagnosis.

Screen your child for development delays

Screening your child for development delays is an important step in ensuring their wellbeing. Early identification of potential delays can allow you to take appropriate steps to support your child and help them reach their full potential. Many pediatricians now offer regular screenings to evaluate a child's physical, mental, social and emotional development. Ask your doctor if they offer such a service and discuss any concerns you might have about your child's growth and development. Taking proactive steps today will help ensure that your child has the best chance of reaching their highest potential tomorrow!

Screen your child for Autism using the global standard Autism screening MCHAT-R tool on our telehealth site.


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About Bloom Buddy

Bloom Buddy is a complete ecosystem that connects individuals, professionals and parents and caretakers with licensed specialists and board-certified interventionists for mental, behavioural and neurodevelopment wellness and support.

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