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Bloom Buddy and The Catalyst take Nigeria’s coaching industry to the world stage

02 January 2024. Bloom Buddy is glad to announce our strategic partnership with The Catalyst (COACH-ME Integrative Coaching), a foremost transformative and outstanding online globally acclaimed coaching brand. 

Bloom Buddy and The Catalyst, Dr Lanre Olusola, share a common goal in providing the most relevant and transformative solutions that enable people reach their maximum potential and drive mental wellness. Through this partnership and with a set of goals in common, Bloom Buddy will create greater access to a leader in integrative coaching delivery in Africa.

This collaboration will allow individuals and corporations to book sessions with The Catalyst, Dr Lanre Olusola and some of his Associate Integrative Coaches in one simple place, in just a few clicks on the Bloom Buddy platform. This innovative partnership provides ground-breaking access to transformative coaching offerings for both individuals and companies, creating a bridge between personal and professional success through holistic wellbeing.

With a vast range of integrative specialties, including life coaching, executive coaching, neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), emotional focused therapy (EFT), matrix reimprinting, energy psychology, wellness, relationship and mind-healing services, The Catalyst (COACH-ME Integrative Coaching) will provide the necessary tools and techniques to achieve overall wellness and help individuals and corporates make successful transformation changes.

The Catalyst, Dr Lanre Olusola, was named Coach of the Year at the 2022 Africa Coaching and Consulting Award (ACCA) for having achieved all-round excellence for having created, mastered, and deployed Integrative and Transformative Catalysis (ITC); For helping individuals, organizations, families, couples, and groups of different sizes across the world, transition from where they are to where they desire and deserve to be.

He is renowned for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria and creating the first wholly integrative coaching academy (OLCA Coaching Ltd) in West Africa. He is recognized for his unparalleled expertise in Integrative Coaching and Transformational Catalysis, his extensive array of Publishing, Writing, Provocative Interviews, Keynote Speaking, and his Transformational work with government and diverse industry leaders and executives, individuals, and world-class organizations across the globe.

Dr Lanre Olusola has distinguished himself and revolutionized the coaching industry in Africa, and contributed to the socio-economic development of Africa and the world at large. His expert associate coaches, provide extensive experience in harnessing the power of Integrative Coaching to create action plans tailored to individual and corporate alike - enabling progress on both personal and professional fronts to unlock their untapped potential.

Sola Fatoba, Bloom Buddy's co-founder and CEO said: We are committed to working together with innovative partners to create opportunities that drive positive behaviour and promote healthy and improve relationships for overall wellness.

Adeola Ani, the Chief Technology Officer of Bloom Buddy reinforced that, "Through the power of technology, we are revolutionizing the coaching landscape, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and nurture their well-being."

The Catalyst, Dr Lanre Olusola also emphasized that, ‘We are committed to our mission of transforming lives, careers, organizations and nations by transforming minds.”

At Bloom Buddy, we are passionate about creating a supportive and comprehensive ecosystem powered by qualified professionals that foster mental, behavioral and neurodevelopmental wellness to foster a community of healthful, resilient individuals.

About Bloom Buddy

Bloom Buddy is a complete ecosystem that connects individuals, professionals and parents and caretakers with licensed specialists and board-certified interventionists for mental, behaviural and neurodevelopment wellness and support.


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