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Hello Everyone,

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Play Therapy Nigeria has a blog where we post on different play and play therapy related topics.

Sola Fatoba
Bloom Buddy Telehealth Services

About the Play Therapy Webinar

This World Autism day, Bloom Buddy in partnership with Play Therapy Nigeria is bringing the first-ever virtual learning program on Play Therapy in Nigeria right to your screen. Neuro-divergent children experience difficulty with understanding emotions and communicating with other people. While the condition has no cure but early intervention can help a child with the necessary social and behavioral skills to function effectively despite the environment. At Play Therapy Nigeria we use play as a tool to teach communication, problem-solving and socio-emotional skills. The goal for this webinar is to define Play Therapy and who it is beneficial for. The session will also cover the 20 therapeutic power of play and provide evidence of its effectiveness through demonstrations and basic techniques that can be utilized at home or in school. Join an enlightening session by Lami Tinam Gidado from Play Therapy Nigeria, as she defines Play Therapy…

Sola Fatoba
Bloom Buddy Telehealth Services


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