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Tunji Babajide

Relationship and Marriage Coaching | Depression | Clarity Coaching


Tunji Babajide has over the last 15 years of Practical Experience in Coaching and Therapy to Upwardly Mobile Professionals in Different Sectors of the Economy In Nigeria and Beyond. My Qualifications include:

● UK Certified Life Coach

● NLP practitioner Certification Training

● Workplace Psychology

● Emotional Intelligence Certification

● EFT Over the years I have helped several overcome Addictions, Heal From Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement, Job Loss, Career Coaching, Child Related Issues, Esteem Issues, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Work Life Balance, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Self Sabotaging Habits, Domestic Violence, etc

Coach Profile

As a Certified Psychotherapist and Life Coach it is my strong belief that the most profound, authentic and satisfying life is one that is psychologically, physically, intellectually, spiritually, and communally integrated. Typically, my intervention includes but is not limited to the following:

● Diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders, such as anxiety and depression

● Encourage clients to discuss their emotions and experiences, using open-ended questions

● Help clients process their reactions and adjust to changes in life, such as divorce and layoffs

● Guide clients through the process of achieving their goals faster than they could on their own.

● Help clients develop strategies and skills to change behavior and cope with difficult situations

● Coordinate treatment with other professionals, such as psychiatrists and Medical Doctors

● Refer clients to other resources or services such as support groups or in-patient treatment facilities etc

3 Sessions for $685

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