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Dr Ruth Goma 

Developmental Psychologist,  Family Therapist and Certified Life Coach

Dr Ruth Goma is a Developmental Psychologist,  Family Therapist and Life Coach. She is the Lead Psychologist at MindMatte Place ( She practices Positive Psychology with a strong focus on Mindfulness and Meditations. Her experience spans over a decade as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach using Psychological tools to assess and offer practical solutions to issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Relational issues, Trauma and Abuse, Self Esteem, Depression and Bereavement for individuals in Corporate and Family settings. 

Coach Profile

She is certified by the Nigerian Psychological Association and accredited as a Life Coach by the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN). She is an active member of the Nigerian Psychological Association, International Association of Applied Psychology, International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology and the International Association of The Study of Behavioural Development.

3 Sessions for $685

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