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Pharm. Iniobong Josiah

Inspirational Speaker, Visionary Leader, Compassionate Care Giver


INIOBONG JOSIAH is an Inspirational Speaker, Visionary Leader, Compassionate Care Giver, Serial Entrepreneur, Educator, and Role Model Youth Mentor worthy of emulation. A Clinical Pharmacist with over two decades of practice experience to her credit; She has served with several health care and charity organisations, NGOs, Local and International Medical Missions, etc. In practice, she is reputable as an outstanding thorough Pharmacist. Inni is a Leadership expert, Certified by The Maxwell Academy. She's passionate about adding value to people, companies, organizations, and institutions. She loves leading by intentional Living, teaching, and coaching others to reveal and rebuild their True Untapped Potential, helping them move their Dreams and Hopes from their subconscious mind to their conscious mind. As a Parent and Family life coach, she is set to help families and children everywhere shine their brilliance. Her courses span Premarital counseling, Self-Discipline, Marriage Blueprint, and Balanced Systems.

Coach Profile

As a Creative Intelligence Expert, IniObong took the culture-shaping and creativity industry by storm in 2022 and published/launched 13 books and workbooks in one day. She's a Certified Integrative Life Coach. A member of LCAN and a graduate of OLCA. She has taken several courses and learned different therapeutic techniques with OLCA and uses them when coaching and healing her clients. An Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional. She's also a Master Marriage Mentor, A Certified Family Life Counselor, and A Certified Mental Health Counsellor with TIMFA, USA. She's a WimBoard Fellow and a Family Systems Engineering Advocate. Coach Inni loves training and mentoring men, women and young professionals to discover, accept, nurture, and live their full potential. By engaging the spiritual, emotional, and physical tools, this Diamond wrapped in a female figure is committed to preventing unnecessary suffering and diseases by promoting health and well-being.


She believes in/advocates healing and wellness with and without drugs. The Founder and Lead Consultant at Beauty And Balance Empire, her world where she teaches work-life balance and wellness to individuals, families, and organizations. Integrity, Honesty, Truth, and Love are some of her positive triggers. Pharmacist Inni is a conduit of Grace and "the God Factor" is her primary distinction.

3 Sessions for $685

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