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Femi Luther-Abegunde

Certified Integrative Life Coach

Femi Luther-Abegunde, widely known as FLA, is a visionary in the world of Business and Personal Development. With a remarkable blend of expertise and certifications, FLA has emerged as a distinguished Peak Performance Coach, astute Business and Life Strategist, and a seasoned Management Consultant. His influence transcends various domains, encompassing Strategy, Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Human Capital Development, Mind Engineering, and Thought Architecture.

FLA's credentials are a testament to his commitment to excellence. He holds the coveted titles of Certified Life Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institute (ICMCI). Notably, he is a Fellow of the International Management Consultants Certification Board (FIMCB), a recognition of his outstanding contributions to the consulting industry.

Coach Profile

FLA's professional affiliations are an authentication of his commitment to his continuous professional development. He is a Certified Leading Change Management Facilitator, aligning himself with John Kotter's 8-Step Change Management Principle. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of a certified Human Resource Business Partner with HRCI, USA. His memberships in organizations such as the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA, the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), and the Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITAD) attest to his dedication to professional growth and networking.

Furthermore, FLA's literary contributions stand as evidence of his passion for sharing knowledge. With over 17 books to his name, including titles such as "The Power Dimension," "Built to Stand," "The Nonsense Called Success," and "Chronicles of Life," he has effectively channeled his wealth of experience into tangible wisdom for others.

His diverse portfolio includes licenses and certifications in Life Coaching, Human Resource Business, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapy, Matrix Reimprinting Therapy, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), and Professional Mentorship and Coaching.

3 Sessions for $685

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