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Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel
Coach | Therapist | Counsellor | Trainer

Meet Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel a highly regarded Catalyst for Transformation and distinguished Personal Development Expert, renowned for her distinctive personal approach. As an Author, TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Therapist, and Executive Leadership Trainer, she has over 35 years of experience in coaching, counselling, and personal development. She is also a practiced NLP, CBT, EFT and Matric Imprinting Practitioner.

Specializing in empowering women, Dr. Laila guides them to uncover their purpose, triumph over mental health challenges, and blossom into their full potential in business, careers, and relationships. Her reputation as a non-judgmental, dependable, and uniquely supportive figure precedes her.


Dr. Laila is more than just a coach; she's a committed companion on your personal growth journey. With her, you'll find the strength to break free from detrimental patterns, shed limiting beliefs, unearth your distinctive gifts, and cultivate heightened awareness. The result? Empowerment to craft the life you've always desired.


Embark on a personalized journey of transformation and empowerment with Dr. Laila. Let her warmth and expertise be the catalyst for your blossoming into the best version of yourself.

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Coach Profile

Dr. Laila St.Matthew-Daniel

Coach | Therapist | Counsellor | Trainer


Drawing from a rich tapestry of over 35 years of diverse experience in the market, Dr. Laila stands as a seasoned guide for high achievers, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women navigating the complexities of life changes. Her integrative approach, backed by proven tools and a wealth of experiential skills, creates focused transformative journeys in business, careers, and relationships.

Organizational Transformation:
Dr. Laila is recognized for her impactful work in governance structures and cultural diversity transformation. Across Africa, she conducts dynamic training sessions and masterclasses, specializing in Life Transitions, Mental Health & Wellness, Burnout & Stress Management, Transformational Productivity, Creative Visualization, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Teaching, and attitude and behavioral change. Her coaching expertise propels organizations toward lasting performance results.

Coaching Goals:
A catalyst for overall holistic transformation, Dr. Laila's mission is to disrupt unwanted patterns, release limiting beliefs, and unlock unique gifts. Armed with extensive studies in business processes, theology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neurolinguistic programming, she empowers individuals to create the life they desire and reach their full potential.

 Impact Beyond Coaching:
More than a coach, Dr. Laila is a force for positive change. Through her NGO, ACTS Generation, she advocates for gender parity and empowers disadvantaged women, receiving various awards  for her commitment to community development. Her impact reverberates in societies at large.

CSR Involvement:
With over 20 years of dedication through her NGO, Dr. Laila extends her benevolence to other organizations in the NGO sector. Always ready to lend a helping hand, her expansive CSR involvement underscores her commitment to societal well-being.

Personal Interests:
An avid reader, writer, and speaker on mental health and emotional intelligence, Dr. Laila contributes to newspapers, magazines, and her blog. Her online courses on personal development and mastery, along with authored books on self-improvement, showcase her commitment to knowledge impartation.

Personal Touch:
An advocate of self-care and self-love, Dr. Laila balances her transformative work with personal pursuits. She paints, writes empowerment nuggets, and leads spiritual mastery groups, embodying the principles she instills in others.

Dr. Laila - Unleashing Potential, Igniting Change. Take the first step toward the life you desire. Let's unlock your unique gifts and create a path to success together

3 Sessions for $685

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