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Dr. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

Personal Growth & Transformational Expert


Dr. Laila St.Matthew-Daniel is an internationally recognized Personal Growth & Transformational Expert, Author, Writer, TEDx Speaker, Key Note Speaker, Therapist, and Executive Leadership Trainer with a passion to help connect people to their purpose. After over 35 years in the field of administration and management, the discovery that people with great destinies pursue the wrong profession or lifestyle, but don’t have the correct channel to guide them began Dr. Laila's journey into the field of Coaching Counselling and Therapy.

Coach Profile

A self-motivated professional dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and helping others grow, she has coached and supported numerous diverse clients in different areas including Life Transitions & Self-Reinvention, Mental Health & Wellness, Burnout & Stress Management, Transformational Productivity & Accountability, Creative Visualization, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Teaching. Over the years she has gradually carved a niche for herself in the areas of quality performance both at work and at home. She has earned a reputation for being a transformational change agent and a voice for the voiceless with her NGO that work with disadvantaged and marginalized women and an advocate for gender parity. She uses her background in business administration, and certifications in psychology, NLP, coaching, CBT to empower individuals to transform their personal and professional lives. and also works with Organizations on governance structures and cultural transformation programs for enhanced productivity and peak performance.


She has held training and masterclasses both in Nigeria and other parts of Africa in the areas of attitude and behavioral change. Dr. Laila St.Matthew-Daniel uses a unique integrative proven approach, tools, and experiential skills to empower high achievers, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women who desire clarity, direction, and fulfillment in navigating life changes. With non-judgmental, dependable, and specialized support, she holds clients accountable and walks the path together with them to explore the change journey as she empowers them to disrupt unwanted patterns, let go of limiting beliefs, unlock their unique gifts, and have greater awareness to create the life they desire by guiding them on a personal journey to transformation and self-discovery to enable them to reach their full potential.

3 Sessions for $685

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