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Adetola Ogbebor

Life Coach, Productivity, Emotions, & Career


Adetola Ogbebor is an Integrative Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She is a dynamic professional with skills in coaching and consulting. A Personal Effectiveness Coach who loves to help people take action to harness their potential, master their emotions and cultivate the discipline needed for a happy and successful life. 
She believes that each individual can utilize the strength they possess within and live to their highest potential by performing optimally. 

Coach Profile

She has worked with several Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals and organizations like Vodacom Business Africa,(Nigeria), Bunmi Adedayo Foundation(BAF), (The continuous in training for public school teachers), facilitated Emotional Intelligence Trainings for I.H.S, Events & Bennet, Reeltech Solutions Ltd, Peace Shapers Africa and so many more.

A Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation,(C.I.T.N) Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management, (N.I.M) The Head of Membership of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria, (LCAN) and an alumnus of the prestigious OLCA Ltd. 

The founder and Lead Coach at The MaxLife Coaching Company, she partners with individuals and organizations to improve Productivity and Profitability.

3 Sessions for $685

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