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Autism 101: Understanding,Communicating & Empower

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Course Title: Autism 101: Understanding, Communicating, and Empowering Course Description: Welcome to Autism 101, a comprehensive course designed to provide you with a solid foundation in understanding autism and equipping you with practical strategies to foster communication, social skills, and independence in individuals with autism. This course is perfect for parents, educators, therapists, and anyone who wants to gain deeper insight into the world of autism. Throughout this enriching learning experience, we will explore the following topics: Defining Autism: Delve into the core characteristics, diagnostic criteria, and various presentations of autism spectrum disorder, enabling you to identify and understand the unique experiences of individuals with autism. Building Social Skills: Discover evidence-based strategies and interventions for promoting social skills, enhancing peer interactions, and fostering meaningful relationships for individuals with autism. Expanding Communication and Vocabulary: Learn practical techniques for developing expressive and receptive language skills in individuals with autism, with a focus on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) methods, visual supports, and social stories. Teaching Manding: Uncover the power of manding (requesting) as a fundamental component of communication and gain valuable insights into effective teaching methods that encourage spontaneous and purposeful manding in daily life.

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