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The health information shared in this secure zone is under the protection of the GDPR Laws. This health information is for the purposes of treatment, payment and health care operations. By accessing this portal, you agree to abide by GDPR Laws. All patient records are confidential and cannot be disclosed without written authorisation from the patient, except otherwise permitted by law. Information used or disclosed pursuant to this authorisation may be subject to re-disclosure by the patient. The insurer will obtain written consent from patients within their coverage to access patient (subject) records with Bloom Buddy. Once consent is received, Bloom Buddy will then provide only the records that relate to patient’s life insurance coverage. Where insurer requests access to patients’ entire medical record, insurer will need to make a formal request to obtain the information from Bloom Buddy medical data by making a request directly from the patient. The insurer can expect to receive their paperwork in 10 business days on average after receipt of authorisation from the patient.

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